Officials provide update on Sally’s threat to Pine Belt

Officials provide update on Sally’s threat to Pine Belt

MOSELLE, Miss. (WDAM) - Although Hurricane Sally has weakened, Gov. Tate Reeves says flooding is still a major concern for Mississippi, including a few counties in the Pine Belt.

“We have flash flooding potential in a number of areas, including Harrison, Jackson, George, Greene and Wayne Counties and it’s particular high in the southeast portions of Jackson County,” Governor Reeves said during his presser Tuesday.

Reeves says Greene and Wayne counties could see as much as 6 inches of rain. Wayne County Emergency Management Director Angela Atchison is urging residents to be prepared.

“I can’t stress to people enough, that this is a slow-moving storm and don’t take it for granted,” Atchison said. “It may not be Laura, but with the amount of rainfall that we’re going to have, it could still be very deadly.”

Reeves had a similar warning, telling Mississippians to not underestimate the slow-moving storm.

“I really believe anywhere from Biloxi east is where this thing is going to hit land,” Reeves said. “The best projections right now are in the Mobile Bay area, but again it would not surprise me the way this thing is bouncing back and forth for it to go further east, it would not surprise me for it to go further west.”

He says National Guard teams are stationed at Camp Shelby and ready to offer relief and rescue efforts if needed.

“We are prepared," Reeves said. “We are going to continue to monitor this storm, we are going to continue to prepare for the worst-case scenario, pray for the best-case scenario and expect somewhere in between.”

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