Wayne County preps for Hurricane Sally

Wayne County preps for Hurricane Sally

WAYNE COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - As Hurricane Sally is making its slow trek toward landfall, heavy rain and possible power outages are expected across the Pine Belt.

In Wayne County, emergency officials are keeping a close watch on the path of the storm and urge residents to take necessary precautions before it arrives.

Roads are a major concern if current models hold up, which shows rainfall amounts possibly in the double-digits.

Authorities urge motorist to use extreme caution and not cross any roads which are covered with water and for those who are able to stay home, do so until the threat of severe weather and flooding are over.

Angela Atchison, director of the Wayne County Emergency Management Agency, says they are preparing for the worst.

“A lot of times, just a few inches of rain, especially within a short period of time, causes a lot of issues here inside the city, as well as out in the county, we have a lot of dirt roads, especially joining down in the national forests, with that amount of rainfall," Atchison said. "I expect a lot of roads to become washed out.”

The Wayne County Board of Supervisors passed a local declaration of emergency in advance of Hurricane Sally.

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