Southern Pines Animal Shelter gives updates on rescued Jones County dogs

Southern Pines Animal Shelter gives updates on rescued Jones County dogs

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - Nearly 40 dogs were rescued in August from a trailer home in Jones County after the sheriff’s department executed a search warrant. Since then, Southern Pines Animal Shelter has made sure to put all the animals back on a healthy path.

“It’s been about three weeks since we were able to go out and rescue the animals and bring them here,” Southern Pines Animal Shelter Executive Director Ginny Sims said. “We’ve already seen some of them really thriving, moving into new homes. Some of them had some extra medical conditions that required help. Some have already been adopted. Some that were going to require some extra rehabilitation and extra care have moved on to some specialized rescues to be able to assist with that.”

Sims says this was their largest rescue so far this year.

“We’re really thankful for a vigilant community who saw neglect happening, who saw that things weren’t right, and they contacted the appropriate authorities and were able to get these animals help,” Sims said.

She says they only have a few pups left from this case.

“Right now we have a mom and puppies, so we’re still looking to spend a little time in a foster home, the puppies aren’t quite old enough to be adopted yet and then we have two others who are ready for adoption and just waiting for their homes,” Sims said.

Sims thanks the community for all their help.

“We asked for help and we saw an outpouring of help and support come in and without that cases like these wouldn’t be possible,” Sims said. “The community support directly impacted the animals who came into our care that day and helped them to have bright, new beginnings and so we are very grateful for all of the support that we received.”

According to the Jones County Sheriff’s Department, Miranda Kittrell was charged with 39 counts of animal cruelty. She pled not guilty and bonded out Friday. Her trial date is set for October 1.

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