Pandemic pushes summer Guard training into the fall at Camp Shelby

Pandemic pushes summer Guard training into the fall at Camp Shelby

FORREST COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - Normally this time of year, annual training activities at Camp Shelby would be winding down. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, training is still in full swing.

The pandemic pushed back the start of annual summer training season by several months, so many National Guard units will still be training at the post this fall.

Brigades with hundreds of troops from Louisiana and Tennessee will be coming to Camp Shelby.

Special operations forces from the U.S. Marines will also be training, and a field artillery battalion from the Mississippi National Guard is currently taking part in its annual training exercise.

“With COVID, a lot of the training got pushed to the right, especially back during the month of April and May and early June,” said Col. Bobby Ginn, commander of Camp Shelby. “So, as it got pushed to the right, even as we’re crossing fiscal years, our ranges and our cantonment here is really being utilized tremendously, because the units are basically catching up on training.”

Ginn said about another 20,000 troops are expected to take part in training at Camp Shelby from now through early November, making a total of about 90,000 troops that will have trained at Camp Shelby during all of 2020.

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