Laurel City Council approves 2021 budget during meeting

Laurel City Council approves 2021 budget during meeting

LAUREL, Miss. (WDAM) - The Laurel City Council approved the city’s budget for fiscal year 2021 Tuesday night.

The new budget starts Oct. 1 and ends Sept. 30, 2021.

“The employees did not get a raise, but we did not have a tax increase,” Laurel Mayor Johnny Magee said.

In Tuesday’s meeting, councilmembers also adopted an order approving the purchase of seven new Dodge Chargers for the Laurel Police Department. According to the order, $208,662 will come out of the new budget for those vehicles.

“We bought several police cars, we bought some other equipment that people need in Public Works and in recreation, and we’ve got a balanced budget, we’re not in the red and everything is going smoothly,” Magee said.

Also on the agenda, the Iris Drive Bridge Replacement Project. Members of the council rejected a bid and voted to re-advertise for the construction.

“Federal government does not like to take one bid, so they want more than one bid,” Magee said. “So, we’ll have to go back an rebid the Iris Drive Bridge, but this time if we only get one bid, they said we can take it then.”

Magee says he hopes to award a bid for the project within 30 days.

“The people down there have been waiting a long time,” Magee said. “It’s been out quite a while. The school buses can’t go across it, they need to get across it and so we need to hurry up and get it fixed and we’re going to do that in hopefully another month.”

In addition to these approved items, residents also voiced concerns about West 15th Street and asked councilmembers to add a speed hump in an effort to reduce speeding in that area. Another resident asked members to consider adding an honorary street name sign on the intersection of Mason and Magnolia Street in honor of late Laurel Chief Tyrone Stewart.

The next Laurel council meeting is scheduled for Sept. 22 at 9 a.m.

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