Piney Woods House of Hope host community garage sale

Piney Woods House of Hope host community garage sale

RICHTON, Miss. (WDAM) - Piney Woods House of Hope hosted a garage sale Thursday through Saturday to help raise money for people in the community.

Church members explain where the items came from.

“We got a donation from one of our member’s brother, all this. Most of everything, and then some that we brought in,” said House of Hope First Lady Belinda Breland. “We took donations in from customers that’s coming to shop and they brought in a few things.”

Church member Kisha Rayborn says giving back is a big part of Piney Woods House of Hope. Here’s how they are helping people in the community.

“It’s not to just make a lot of money off of it, but our church, we give back to the community. You know when people aren’t able to pay a power bill or something, they come to our pastor and he may go pay the power bill,” said pastor’s daughter Kisha Rayborn. “We do a lot of giving back to the community that way too.”

With COVID-19 hurting many people, the church says it’s important to help those impacted.

“Right now, going through the coronavirus stuff where so many people have been out of work and stuff and a lot of people do need the extra help right now that you know haven’t been able to go back to work. But I mean that one of the biggest things that you know Jesus did throughout his day is give, he gave and he gave and he gave,” said Rayborn.

The church says any items left from the garage sale will be donated to several ministry organizations and along with sending them to other countries. Mexico is one of them.

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