Hattiesburg Fire Dept. recruits halfway through academy

Hattiesburg Fire Dept. recruits halfway through academy

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) -The Hattiesburg Fire Department is looking to bolster its ranks with eight recruits in this year’s academy.

“The goal of this academy is to graduate those eight guys to put them out into the fire stations of Hattiesburg so they can help with the service to the community,” said Battalion Chief Chris Carr.

Training begins with a speed test to see how fast each one can put all their gear on.

Two minutes or less is the time they’re looking for.

“That time drill gets them used to that equipment but it also gets them used to what they’re going to face out there in the real world,” Carr said.

Next, the recruits participate in drills.

Chopping wood, dragging a 200-pound dummy and setting up ladders

“Seventy pounds of equipment in the heat that we’re facing on a day like today, it just takes a lot of time,” Carr said.

All in preparation of the different tasks these recruits will be required to complete daily.

“The fire department doesn’t just fight fires, there’s a lot of nuance to what we do so we’re trying to get these guys ready for some of the situations they’re going to face,” Carr said.

Next, the recruits carried fire hoses up and down four flights of stairs

“The citizens deserve these guys to be top notch and so some of the trainers and instructors that you saw today, that’s their goal,” Carr said. “They want them to be good partners, they want them to be good teammates and they want them to be the best servants that we could possibly put out.”

The recruits will head to Jackson Thursday for another module of testing.

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