Hardy Street Baptist sends team to Louisiana to help with relief efforts

Hardy Street Baptist sends team to Louisiana to help with relief efforts

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - Relief efforts grow in Louisiana after Hurricane Laura’s devastated parts of the state.

Hardy Street Baptist is helping in those efforts in several ways by sending a relief team.

“They were heading to West Monroe, Louisiana first. We had some church members that have family members there, and they were taking heavy equipment with them and some other supplies, generators, gas, water some of those kinds of things,” said Pastor Scott Hanberry of Hardy Street Baptist Church.

While in Monroe, the team is working hand in hand with volunteer crews from the Southern Baptist Convention to locate areas that need the most help.

“From Lake Charles and Cameron and Sulphur and Dureter or all of those places that were hit the hardest. We will begin to coordinate the efforts working with FEMA, they will work with the American Red Cross,” Hanberry said. “They will set up kitchen units and laundry facilities and portable shower units. But they all gather there and they begin to set up a headquarters and then from there make job requests and help people in need.”

A relief headquarters is being created in the church this week. They will send items to the team to be given out to families in need.

Hanberry explains how the Pine Belt Baptist Association is putting this together so the community can be involved in helping.

“The Pine Belt Baptist Association is located here at 1508 Hardy Street at Hardy Street Baptist Church. And we’re working with our association to become a collection point,” Hanberry said. “Later this week, we’re are going to send a truckload of supplies to the Lake Charles area. So, we will put a list together of things people can give. Simple things like gloves, like disinfectant wipes, certainly tarps are needed they can bring those.”

You can drop off supplies at the church. For a list of items being accepted visit hardysbc.net.

The team plans to be in Louisiana a few weeks to help in the recovery efforts.

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