Mississippi’s tiniest museum tucked away in downtown Hattiesburg

‘Mississippi’s tiniest museum’ tucked away in downtown Hattiesburg

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - It’s a mystery, it’s a museum and it’s in tucked away in downtown Hattiesburg.

It’s called The Pocket Museum.

There will be a new display at the first of every month, but first you have to find it by exploring downtown Hattiesburg.

Here’s how locals are discovering it.

“I saw about it on Facebook. I saw some people kinda visiting during their lunch break on Facebook,” said Lauren Gaudet. “So, I clicked on it tried to check it out. We kinda drove in circles trying to find it before we came down the alley and saw it.”

Many clues can be found where the museum is.

“We tried to find it by looking for clues in the pictures we found off of Facebook,” Sarah Comino said. “So, trying to match the buildings. But once you even get here you have to look for the different little exhibits throughout the alley.”

The Pocket Museum is one of the many projects the city of Hattiesburg is working on to get people to explore downtown.

If you have art collections and exhibit items you’d like to display, you can take a picture of the scan code located under the Pocket Museum sign. There’s then a list of directions on how to share your items.

The first displays in the museum is a collection of Swiss Army pocket knives.

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