MDOT develops app to help keep drivers informed of traffic updates

MDOT develops app to help keep drivers informed of traffic updates

PINE BELT, Miss. (WDAM) - Drivers will now have access to Mississippi Department of Transportation traffic updates right in the palm of their hand through a new app.

“A lot of times in the mornings, if you’re wanting to commute to work or school, you can look at this before you get in the car and find out is there anything that’s going to impact you journey to that location,” said MDOT District 6 engineer Kelly Castleberry.

The app, MDOT Traffic, provides real-time information to users and can be customized for specific areas.

“It is map-based. It will have several icons show up across the state,” Castleberry said. “You can click on that icon in that area and it will tell you exactly what’s going on, whether that be road work, weather impact, welcome center or restroom facility. There is a lot of information carried on the app.”

Castleberry says the purpose for this app is to give drivers active information to help them decide what is best for them and their route.

“If you can give them information, they can make an informed decision,”Castleberry said. “It will actually probably help the situation if you can avoid an accident area, or if you know that construction is going on there, you may avoid the interstate or slow down in that area.”

The app is available for download on apple and android systems. Castleberry says not to use the app while driving.

Drivers are encouraged to obey speeding laws and slow down when driving through construction sites.

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