Pine Belt residents not taking any chances with storms

Pine Belt residents not taking any chances with storms

OAK GROVE, Miss. (WDAM) - Better safe than sorry. That’s the thinking for many Pine Belt residents as they prepare for the potential impacts of Tropical Storm Marco and Tropical Storm Laura.

“I think Hurricane Katrina taught us all a very valuable lesson. You know, just to expect the unexpected, and so just prepare for the worst,” said Oak Grove resident David West. “So that’s what I’m doing. We both know these things can go from a Category 2 to a Category 5 in just a matter of hours.”

Make sure you have an emergency hurricane kit prepared with essentials like food and water.

Officials say to store up on other things including extra fuel for your car or generator. But the most important tip is to plan ahead.

“Make you a hurricane preparation plan,” West said. “WDAM has done a great job advising people what to do. So just make sure you have your hurricane preparation plan in order and just be ready.”

If you are curious about what you can do at home, here’s a few simple tips that West is doing at his house that can be done now.

“What I’ve been doing is looking for low hanging limbs, trees that could possibly present a hazard and just trying to trim back those,” West said. “Go ahead and cut your grass. You know because if we get some of the winds that are expected, it’s a lot easier to pick up debris in fresh cut grass than it is in grass that hasn’t been cut. So just simple things like that. "

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