Players of the Pine Belt: Wayne County’s Tim Bonner ready for larger role

Players of the Pine Belt: Wayne County’s Tim Bonner ready for larger role

WAYNESBORO, Miss. (WDAM) _ Can’t blame Tim Bonner for getting excited about the coaching change at Wayne County High School that boosted Kevin Gandy from assistant to head football coach.

“He’s pretty much taught me everything I know about receiving,” Bonner said. “I didn’t know anything about receiving stuff until high school.

“In ninth grade, he was our head coach. So, it’s kind of the same thing for us (who were) in that class.”

The 6-foot-3, 190-pound Bonner, who was selected Wayne County High School’s “Player of the Pine Belt,” grabbed just three passes as a junior, but two of those were for touchdowns.

“During the latter part of last year, we started to see the light cut on for Tim,” Gandy said. “He started to make some big catches, had a game where he had two or three touchdowns.

“We saw the light clicking on, we saw some leadership skills develop. So, we ‘re looking for big things outta Tim.”

Wayne County has long relied on its running game to power its offense. In 2019, the War Eagles averaged 230 yards rushing per game. Wayne County averaged about 60 yards a game.

Bonner said he no problems blocking in the running game

“Back in pee wee, I played running back a little but, so I know how important blocking is,” Bonner said. “So, I try and do the best I can, blocking for the guys in the backfield.”

Gandy said the War Eagles expect to be a more-balanced offense this fall.

“We’re going to throw the ball more than we have in the past because we have a guy who can spread the field and throw it around,” Gandy said. “But we also have two really good running back who can dot the “i” for us, so we’re going to be a lot more balanced than we have been in the past.”

Bonner said the War Eagles are just anxious to get started.

“We’ve been dying for this,” Bonner said. “We hadn’t been back to school since spring break, so all we’ve been able to do is throw around the football in the front yard and run up and down hills, try and stay in shape.”

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