Players of the Pine Belt: Bay Springs’ LaMarcus Stubbs ready to hit

Players of the Pine Belt: Bay Springs’ LaMarcus Stubbs ready to hit

BAY SPRINGS, Miss. (WDAM) - At 5-foot-9, 175 pounds, LaMarcus Stubbs will not be the most physically imposing Bulldog prowling about the Bay Springs High School football field this fall.

And yet, when it came to start slotting players into two of the most physical positions in the game, the coaches turned to the same guy.


The senior returns as the Bulldogs’ starting fullback on offense and will take over fulltime as a starting linebacker on defense.

Those two positions not simply require but demand the presence of a player who enjoys contact.

“Oh, yeah,” Stubbs said. “I love it.

I’m not that fast, but I get the job done on both sides of the ball.”

And Bay Springs coach Dan Brady loves Stubbs’ presence on the field.

“He’ll start on both offense and defense this year,” Brady said of the Bulldogs’ “Player of the Pine Belt.”

“Just a great kid. He’s got all those character aspects you want, and he’s an easy kid to look to for leadership. Not a big talker, but he’s one of those kids who can do it with his actions and not so much with his words.”

As a junior, Stubbs started the season in a rotation at fullback.

“We actually two-platooned at fullback, but as the year went on, the other fullback got hurt, and Stubbs just showed up for us and became a great player for us.

While the position calls for a hard-nosed blocker, Stubbs ran for 354 yards and three touchdowns on only 65 carries, averaging 5.4 yards per carry as a junior.

“Are you kidding?” Stubbs replied when asked if the fullback got to carry the ball in the Bulldogs’ run-centric offense. “Plenty of times.”

Bay Springs posted a stellar 9-3 mark in 2019, but lost in the opening round of the Class 2A playoffs for the first time in Brady’s tenure.

“Getting beat in the first round last year was a humbling experience,” Brady said. “We’d been fortunate enough the previous five years to get to at least the second round and play for three South State championships.

“But I want my kids looking at what they can see. You get them too far out there, and I tell them it’s like climbing a ladder. You start looking at step five and you’re at step one, you’re going to bust your butt. We don’t want to bloody our nose or get smacked in the mouth.”

Brady said he’s liked what he’s seen of his Bulldogs this summer.

“This group coming back, we’re still going to be young,” Brady said. “We’re going to start a lot of sophomores, but they’re not your regular sophomores. They’re sophomores who started 12 football games as freshmen last year.”

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