Perry County Sheriff’s Office raising funds for body cameras

Perry County Sheriff’s Office raising funds for new body cameras

NEW AUGUSTA, Miss. (WDAM) - The Perry County Sheriff’s Office is currently raising funds to purchase 20 new body cameras.

The body cameras will be for all deputies in the sheriff’s office to protect law enforcement and citizens in the community.

Perry County Sheriff Mitch Nobles explains the reasoning behind getting body cameras.

“It comes about with some citizens that were concerned after the recent events that’s gone on throughout the nation, you know, involving a necessity for body cameras for Perry County Sheriffs Department,” Nobles said. “We done got one large amount donation that donated to us for $5,000. You know, right now they kinda want to remain anonymous where it came from. We’ve had two, $2,000 donations and they are the same way, they kinda want to remain anonymous. We did have a $1,200 [donation] that came from a local hunting club right here in Perry County.”

Nobles said the department is still short of its goal.

“We’re probably about $3,000 short of our goal,” Nobles said. “And as soon as we get that, our plan is to purchase the cameras and I’m going to put every officer that I have including my reserves when they are out and about, everybody that’s going to be on the street, working the general public day-to-day actions, they’re going to have a camera on. You know, to help just not protect the citizens, but also to protect themselves.”

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