Catering and at-home businesses now eligible for CARES Act grants

Catering and at-home businesses now eligible for CARES Act grants

GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - On Tuesday, state lawmakers made some adjustments to how Mississippi is distributing federal CARES Act funds. Not only can small businesses apply for more, but home-based businesses and caterers were added to the eligibility list.

Local caterer and owner of Gotta Lovett Wings and Things food truck Denis Lovett expressed during COVID-19 he has accumulated more expenses. Lovett is now relieved he’s eligible for the CARES Act money.

“It will help as far as payroll and bills that’s accumulated during the slow times. I can take care of most of those bills with that money,” Lovett said.

Lovett wasn’t sure why originally restaurants were included in the grants but catering was not.

“It’s dealing with food with the restaurants; what is the difference? You have restaurants that do catering so why just regular caterers can’t be included? So, I’m glad they voted today they will include caterers,” Lovett said.

Before, businesses could get $1,500 in grant money, but now they can get up to $3,500 from the Mississippi Development Authority.

Before COVID-19, Lovett had steady business catering events but crowd limitations impacted that. He also set up at the community college campus and is looking forward to business picking up again.

“At the college, we had to stop serving after the kids went on break because no kids were coming back to school. They’re just allowing kids to come back so we’re hoping it will start back up on the 20th of this month and see how things go from there,” Lovett said.

To apply for the grant, click here.

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