Classes back in session for Richton School District

Classes back in session for Richton School District

RICHTON, Miss. (WDAM) - Monday marked the Richton School District’s first day back in the classroom.

With students back in the classroom, the Richton School District is following the statewide mask mandate ordered by Gov. Tate Reeves.

Wearing a mask for an entire day can be hard for children, so the district is implementing times where students can take them off.

“I anticipate it being extremely hard for students to keep a mask on for an eight-hour school day,” Superintendent Clay Anglin said. “We anticipate that, so throughout the day we have scheduled in times for kids to take what we call ‘fresh air breaks.’ And that’s going to be done at elementary, junior high, and middle school, according to different schedules and how we can make those work.”

Families do have the option for students to do online classes, with the district using Google classroom for its virtual learning.

“In our virtual package, what we have is a place for parents to sign off that they have access to the internet, its working. They do have a laptop or a computer for the child and they also have to clock in with us through Google classrooms where the teachers send out an invitation or a request to say ‘good morning,’ so they have to sign in and respond back to that teacher to be counted present for the day,” Anglin said.

If COVID-19 happens to spread in the schools, there’s a process that goes into effect called the “three by three method.”

“Which means if three kids in a classroom get it, then we will quarantine the classroom,” Anglin said. “But if three kids in three different classrooms get it. then we have to start looking at some other ways of finding out where did they have contact and who did they have contact with.”

Students, faculty and staff will have temperature checks daily before going into the school.

Hand sanitation stations are available throughout the campus and in each classroom.

Getting on campus as a parent will be by appointment only to keep down the spread of the virus.

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