Milestone musings from the Isle of Isolation ...

Milestone musings from the Isle of Isolation ...
More musings from WDAM's Tim Doherty as he enters Week 21 of self-shuttering in deference to the coronavirus on the Isle of Isolation. (Source: Gray Media)

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - Twenty-one weeks! The self-relocation to the Isle of Isolation is now of age! It’s time to get out and about, party down, kill the fatted calf, celebrate a … Oh, wait a minute … Never mind.

  • D-Day approacheth for the high school football season, a time of tradition and hometown pride anticipated with a zeal stretching through generations.

T’will be interesting to see whether the games indeed will be played, or whether the start of the season will be pushed farther down the road or the schedule scrubbed all together.

If kickoff were today, you’d think postponement, what with the state on the list of virus hotspots in the country.

But if the numbers were to begin flattening again … 

We’ll find out soon enough

  • Five million and counting, these coronavirus cases are just a-piling up in the United States like a November snowfall in Nantucket.

Oughta have a counter sign like Mackey D’s, such and such number served.

Or, in the case of the COVID, disserved.

Worst part: That figure is almost certainly low

  • Saw a headline where the folks Across the Pond on The Continent are appalled _ appalled, we say _ at the arrogance and lack of cohesive response to the virus they believe the U.S. of A has shown.

While the Italians were ambushed by COVID in February, the U.S. should have used that lead time to plan and prepare, they say.

Instead, as Rome burned with a fever, we fiddled.

And faddled.

Five million cases and at least 160,000 deaths haven’t been enough to convince some folks the threat is really real.

There’s been a major tug-of-war between protecting life and way of life, and, man, we get that.

We ain’t worn a mask on a regular basis since our days in the early 80s on a PPG production line, and the isolation aspect of this current gig is, frankly, no fun.

Soliloquies suck, Shakespeare notwithstanding.

It’d be beaucoup helpful if there was some sort of finish line to this thing or at least a deal where one could say, ‘Hey, be prepared! COVID season is right around the corner.”

But no one is pointing at any tunnel, let alone a light at its end.

So, the Italians shake their heads and mutter words we don’t understand because we don’t speak Italian.

But we get the message.


  • Lastly, saw a story where a woman couldn’t understand what was clogging her toilet, when a snake head popped up in the bowl.

Turns out a 4-foot corn snake had gotten into the toilet through the pipes and made itself at home.

We’ve heard of using a snake to declog a pipe, but never a snake that blocked one.


  • Be kind. Be wary. Be smart. Be safe.

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