Unemployment work-seeking waiver set to expire Friday

Unemployment work-seeking waiver set to expire Friday
(Source: WDAM)

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - The Mississippi Department of Employment Security (MDES) announced the Work Search temporary waiver will expire as of August 8, 2020.

MDES says everyone currently receiving unemployment benefits will be required to meet the work search requirements beginning August 9. The waiver was temporarily in place as COVID-19 prevented many in the state from working.

The department says in order for people to receive unemployment insurance benefits they must be actively searching for full-time work. People who are self-employed and those who receive 1099s, who are filing for benefits, must also meet the work search requirements to remain eligible.

MDES defines “actively seeking work” as follows:

  • You MUST be registered for work with MDES Employment Services (Mississippi Works).
  • You MUST contact three (3) employers each week to apply for full-time work (35 hours or more).
  • An actual application must be completed with at least one of the three employer contacts. An application is defined as any completed application or resume submitted to an employer for suitable work, either in person, via mail, or via electronic communication. Resume is honored as an ‘application’ by MDES if that is the acceptable mode for applying with that employer. The work applied for MUST be appropriate in light of the labor market and your skills and capabilities.

MDES says failure to look for, apply for, or accept suitable work will result in a denial of benefits.

A link to this information can be found at mdes.ms.gov/worksearch.

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