MHP reminds drivers to be safe in school zones

MHP reminds drivers to be safe in school zones
Highway Patrol shares school zone traffic regulations and tips. (Source: WTOC)

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - With the school year starting and people getting back out and about across the Pine Belt, Mississippi Highway Patrol is reminding everyone to watch out for school zones.

Speeding fines in a school zone are doubled and Sgt. Travis Luck with Mississippi Highway Patrol explains why.

“Well, school zones are very important for motorists to be mindful of what’s going on, you know you have children walking, staff, parents, you know all kinds of activity going on throughout these areas,” says Luck. “So school zones are put in place to make the public aware that things are going on, ‘Hey, slow down, or you know a tragic incident could happen.‘”

More schools are asking parents to drive and drop off children this year to limit bus capacity with COVID-19. This means there will likely be more traffic in the drop of areas and more cars passing through school zones. Luck says if this is a new process for you family, to take it slowly.

“Maybe go through the motions and make like I said a trial run, see where your child is going to be dropped off, have a plan,” Luck suggests. “That way when the morning does come or the evening does come you’re not rushing, you’re not forgetting what you need to do.”

It’s also important for students and other pedestrians to stay alert in parking lots and crosswalks.

“Vehicles are moving objects, so be alert, because not everyone always stops for pedestrians and we have seen it and we don’t like to see it,” Luck says.

Lastly, Luck reminds drivers that their main focus should always be on the road and what’s going on in front of them. Everything is a distraction.

“You know, that phone call, that text, it can all wait,” says Luck.

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