Mini-musings from the Isle of Isolation ...

Mini-musings from the Isle of Isolation ...
More thoughts from WDAM's Tim Doherty, who is heading into the 20th week of isolating at home during the coronavirus. (Source: Gray Media)

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - Twenty weeks on the Isle of Isolation, coronavirus style, and it seems just like home … Oh, wait, this is home … Didn’t expect these days to last so long, and just kinda curious if there’s an end in sight … Anyone?

  • The University of Southern Mississippi is scheduled to open football practice Wednesday, and this ought to be interesting, in terms of covering such in these days of pandemic.

Nothing official, but would suspect we’re looking at closed practices and non-face-to-face interviews.

As a friend of ours put it the other day: “These are strange times we’re living in.”


  • Another buddy of ours caught this crud, and we talked to him briefly as he recuperated in hospital.

He had this to say: “I’ll tell you this: Avoid it like the plague.”

Scary comparison. Good advice

  • Saw where officials had tracked down red onions as the culprit for a salmonella outbreak in 31 states.

We gotta tell ya, the news brought tears to our eyes

  • And speaking of tears to the eyes, we read where a 2-year-old Kansas girl got cochlear implants in both ears to allow her to hear for the first time.

Video shows a little bit a freakout, but in a moment, a little kid with a big smile emerges from a neck hug with mama.

  • Speaking of videos, don’t know if you’ve seen it, but there’s one floating around of a couple of foxes getting their bellies rubbed and just a-giggling and a-laughing and digging life to no end.

So sweet. So adorable. So, “We want one.”

Don’t you believe it.

Within the past coupla weeks, we’ve read of two instances of fox attacks.

In the first, a fox used a doggie-door to enter a woman’s home over in North Carolina, meander through the house and then attack her as she sat on her bed.

Of course, the wild critter had rabies, so the lucky woman, besides having a finger and ankle bitten, got to experience the joys of rabies’ treatment, which we understand consists of a long series of shots administered by a syringe the size of a bazooka.

The second incident involved an 8-year-old girl in New Jersey, who was set upon while crossing through her neighborhood’s backyards. Fortunately, a teenager playing basketball nearby heard her screaming and came to the rescue.

Turns out Disney had it right, making the fox a villain in its big-screen version of “Pinocchio”

  • And speaking of Pinocchio, straight from the “Who-Knew” file: Turns out that in the original story of “Pinocchio,” the wooden-boy puppet is such a crumb-bum that at the end of the fourth chapter he is hanged for his misdeeds.


“Now, go to sleep, honey. Sweet dreams.”

The original darker tale still was such a hit that the reading public wanted more. So, the Blue Fairy enters the picture, brings our protagonist back to life and the story has a much happier ending, more or less along the lines of the Disney flick.

  • Be kind. Be wary. Be smart. Be safe

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