Homes of Hope for Children chosen to compete for $20K donation

Homes of Hope for Children chosen to compete for $20K donation

LAMAR COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - Homes of Hope for Children in Purvis has been chosen to compete in a nationwide online voting contest to raise money for those impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The pandemic has really been tough on non-profits, especially for us,” said public relations director Julie Russell.

Homes of Hope for Children, along with more than 20 other nonprofits nationwide, will take part in the Horne LLP virtual voting contest, where the first place winner will receive $20,000.

“With our fundraising efforts being derailed, essentially for this year and having to retool and rethink how to do everything,” Russell said. “So, the opportunity to win money, and to do it by voting online is a great idea.”

By using social media, the nonprofit will be encouraging supporters and donors to vote daily.

“Everybody gets to vote once per day,” Russell said. “We’re asking everyone to gear up and get ready to vote on August 10 and then plan to do so every day from the 10th through the 30th.”

Russell says if they were to win the money, it would strictly go toward education needs for all 24 kids on campus.

“That $20,000 will be used to offset the educational needs for the kids,” Russell said. “It’s really important for us to start this contest strong and to be in first place right out of the gate. It’s always better to start strong so that we can finish strong.”

Russell says just being chosen for this contest is an honor in itself and is looking forward to participating.

“This is the first time that Horne LLP has done a contest like this,” Russell said “We’re really grateful that we were chosen to be one of their very first nonprofits in this manner. "

The second place winner will receive $10,000, third place will receive $5,000.

Once voting begins, you can vote on the Home of Hope for Children Facebook page.

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