Cities, counties could see COVID-19 relief through MEMA and FEMA

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JACKSON, Miss. (WDAM) - Counties and municipalities can apply for assistance through the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency and the Federal Emergency Management Agency as part of COVID-19-related relief programs.

Starting Monday at 9 a.m., applications opened for MEMA’s COVID-19 Relief Program. This program comes from funds allocated from the CARES Act.

According to MEMA, the Mississippi legislature allocated $70 million of CARES Act money to aid counties and cities with COVID-19-related costs.

This is in response to FEMA’s COVID-19 Economic Disaster Declaration. It reimburses 75% of approved expenses.

MEMA says some entities have a hard time matching the other 25%, which is where it is stepping in.

According to MEMA, reimbursable expenses include:

  • Expenses for quarantining individuals
  • Payroll expenses for those mitigating COVID-19
  • Improvements made to teleworking capabilities
  • Providing paid sick/ medical leave
  • Sanitation and social distancing improvements for prisons and jails
  • Expenditures for payroll support programs
  • Unemployment insurance costs

As for FEMA, these are the reimbursable expenses for the COVID-19 Economic Disaster Declaration.

  • Disinfection of public facilities
  • Technical assistance to mitigate threats
  • Medical facility services and supplies
  • Establishing temporary medical facilities
  • Emergency medical transport
  • Non-congregate medical sheltering
  • Purchase and distribution of food, medical supplies and PPE
  • Communication and enforcement of health orders
  • Expenses to ensure public safety.

MEMA’s program applications will close on Oct. 15, while the FEMA program application does not have a deadline.

To apply for MEMA’s program, visit and navigate to the COVID-19 tab, then click on COVID-19 Relief Program.

For FEMA’s program, visit

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