East Jasper School District purchases COVID-19 safety equipment

East Jasper School District purchases COVID-19 safety equipment

JASPER COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - The East Jasper School District is preparing for the start of the school year with new COVID-19 safety equipment.

The district used CARES Act funding to purchase five COVID-19 check-in machines; one for each school district building. Superintendent Nadene Arrington found and decided to purchase the machines for the upcoming school year.

The machines are touchless, stand-alone stations that faculty, students and visitors will pass through before entering the facilities.

Everyone who enters the building will step in front of the monitor and have their temperature taken. The camera scanner can even tell if someone isn’t wearing a mask.

“You’ll get an alert if the temperature is high or if you’re not wearing a mask,” said James Kelley, assistant facilities and transportation director. “It also has a touchless sanitizer station so you can sanitize your hands, also touchless.”

Kelley says the machines are a one-stop station to make sure everyone entering the buildings is safe.

“Eventually, we will link all the units together through the internet on our network and we will be able to view photos, temperatures, time dates, it’s going to record and document every scan,” Kelley adds.

Kelley says this system will help the district monitor temperature changes over time and also keep track of each person in the school buildings.

“We feel we need this to protect our community, our students, our staff,” says Kelley.

Everyone who enters a school district building will go through the process.

The East Jasper School District plans to begin school on Aug. 10.

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