Miss. tax-free holiday begins Friday

Miss. tax-free holiday begins Friday

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - Shoppers and retailers will benefit from the annual Mississippi tax-free holiday this weekend.

It gives back-to-school shoppers a tax break on clothing, footwear and school supplies that are less than $100.

Many retailers are also offering additional sales in conjunction with the tax-free holiday.

There are a few exceptions, especially for clothing. Accessories such as hair clips, jewelry and watches are not eligible.

Layaway items may also be disqualified, and coupons and rebates do not qualify an item if the original cost is priced more than $100.

Mari Williams, a Lamar County resident, says that every little bit helps.

“I think it’ll be very busy. So I think it’ll be good if people do pick up as much as they can, but I think it does help parents, especially there’s so many people with financial needs right now with COVID-19 and not working,” she said.

Rasheed Brown, a resident of Pennsylvania, just found out about the tax-free holiday and says she’s going to get a few items before going back.

“I’ll be here through the weekend, so I’ll make sure I take that credit for school,” Brown said. “You know, money is very tight. The people that can’t work, don’t have jobs, and that’s cutting back and everything. So having a tax-free weekend is nice, I wish Pennsylvania did that.”

Mississippi’s Tax-Free Holiday starts on Friday and runs through midnight on Saturday.

You can view a full list of eligible items here.

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