Covington County Schools offering distance learning for students

Covington County Schools offering distance learning for students

COLLINS, Miss. (WDAM) - Covington County educators are preparing to teach many students who will learn from home this year because of the coronavirus.

The Covington County School District has given students the option of distance learning, rather than coming to class.

“We’re making preparations to try to have whatever we can have for those kids who are at home to be able to master the subjects,” said Babette Duty, superintendent of the Covington County School District.

One of the ways children will learn is online, through the use of Google Classroom.

Teachers have been trained on that system.

“They will plan their lessons and use Google Classroom everyday, in class with the students who are on campus and then, for the ones who are being taught at home, either kids will log in if they have access and have their own device and have their own internet, or we will prepare the information from that lesson and put it on a jump drive and that will be picked up weekly, or (paper) packets for those for those that don’t have a device,” Duty said.

Duty says teachers will work closely with students and says flexibility will be key to making distance learning successful.

“There’s going to be wrinkles and we’re just asking our parents and our kids and our teachers to all try to give each other grace, as we figure out how to do this and do it well,” Duty said.

There are about 2,700 students enrolled in Covington County Schools this year.

So far, nearly 800 have said they will participate in distance learning.

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