Nearly 15K incidents logged in 7 months by Jones County Sheriff’s Department

Nearly 15K incidents logged in 7 months by Jones County Sheriff’s Department

JONES COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - Sheriff Joe Berlin says the Jones County Sheriff’s Department has logged nearly 15,000 incidents so far this year.

“From the time I started until now, the complaint numbers for all departments have went up,” Berlin said. “As of now, we’re at 14,700 complaints.”

Berlin says the sheriff’s department has been extremely busy responding to various reports.

“It’s all kinds of complaints,” Berlin said. “Anywhere from larcenies, burglaries, we’ve had a couple murders, assaults, civil matters. You name it, we’ve run across it this year.”

Berlin says the number of complaints is not slowing down.

“It is an excessive amount,” Berlin said. “It has to do with your population and it has to do with your summer months, you know, you’re going to gain more complaint numbers in the summer months due to kids being out of school and stuff like that.”

He says he plans to make a few changes to help the department.

“When I came into office they were running three deputies per shift, and I immediately moved that to four,” Berlin said. “And it’s going to be my goal to add at least one more per shift to give them five per shift to handle this growing number of complaints.”

Berlin says they department will continue working hard to serve the residents of Jones County.

“No matter how busy we are, we will get to your complaint,” Berlin said. “Don’t feel like that if you call in you are bothering us, because we are here 24/7. It may take a little while to get to it, but we’re diligently working to handle your problems.”

Berlin says he expects the department will log more than 20,000 incidents by the end of this year.

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