Homes of Hope to host annual silent auction online

Homes of Hope to host annual silent auction online

LAMAR COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - For the last 10 years, Homes of Hope for Children has hosted a silent charity auction for people to gather and bid on a wide variety of items, but because of COVID-19, this year’s auction will be spread out over an entire week and held solely online.

“For us, this is an event that is critical for our operational needs,” said Executive Director Michael Garrett. “The basic needs that we have on campus, utilities, food and a whole host of other things that we need to raise that kids that God has sent to us.”

Last year, the nonprofit was able to raise more than $100,000 from the silent auction alone.

Garrett says there will be less items than usual this year, but there will still be many great things to bid on.

“We have trips in this auction,” Garrett said. “We have a lot of items. Lowes from Hattiesburg, Laurel and Petal has been phenomenal working with us. We have some really nice grills, some smokers. We also have tires, brand news sets of tires. A lot of these are things that people are going to buy anyway this year, but when they bid on them at our auction, we get 100% of those funds. So we have fishing trips and a whole host of things.”

Garrett says they will be accepting donations for the auction until a few days before it kicks off.

“We’ll still be collecting items,” Garrett said. “If the community or a business owner has something they’d like to donate, all they have to do it call our office.”

He says this year they are hoping to collect around $60,000 to $80,000.

This year’s auction will start on Aug. 21 and end on Aug. 29.

You can access the bidding site by going to the Homes of Hope website.

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