Food boxes distributed at Bay Springs City Hall

Food boxes distributed at Bay Springs City Hall

BAY SPRINGS, Miss. (WDAM) - Cars lined up Thursday at Bay Springs City Hall to receive food boxes.

“Certainly, we are overwhelmed,” said Ronald Collier, director of the Multi-County Community Agency. “We gave out 170 boxes today, and we still have a line after those boxes have been given out, so maybe we need to attempt to get more food boxes to bring to this area.”

Multi-County Community Agency is a Community Action Partnership that gives out food boxes across the state in an effort to fight poverty and help low-income families.

“We have an alliance with Mississippi Food Network out of Jackson,” Collier said. “We actually give away about 1,000 boxes of food per month under our supplemental food program, and because of COVID-19, Mississippi Food Network has some supplemental food boxes.”

Those extra food boxes are going to counties and communities most in need right now.

“I saw a need. People all over the county get those boxes, but in saying that we had people from other parts, in particular Bay Springs, who echo a need for the food boxes,” Collier said.

There is a need so great that there will be more giveaways soon.

“So I decided today to have Mississippi Food Network start dropping a truck here once a month until this supplemental program is over,” Collier said.

Mississippi SHINE also donated more than 100 cases of water Friday. Mississippi SHINE is also a Community Action Partnership that promotes health and wellness across southern Mississippi. Community Health Worker Shanelle Williamson said SHINE wanted to pitch in at the giveaway where they could today.

“We try to do that to offset after the food boxes were gone, so everybody needs water you know with this 90 degree weather here in Mississippi, you know I think it was a great turnout” says Williamson.

The boxes contain about $40 worth of food. They are first come, first serve, one per household.

“We want to be good stewards,” Collier said. “We want to work with our communities, make sure that we are making them sufficient, that they can become self-sufficient.”

With the deliveries from Mississippi Food Network, people can expect a food box giveaway in Bay Springs once a month for as long as the COVID-19 supplemental program lasts. The dates and times of future giveaways will be publicized on the Multi-County Community Agency Facebook Page.

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