USM student reacts to fall semester changes for COVID-19

USM student reacts to fall semester changes for COVID-19

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - The University of Southern Mississippi is taking needed precautions to keep students and staff safe during the upcoming semester.

“If one person in the class tests positive, that’s a risk for everyone in the class, including the teacher,” said USM student Mckaylin Townsend. “Even if the teacher were to test positive, that’s also a huge risk for all the students.”

Townsend is an education major at USM. She will be taking both in-person and online classes starting in August.

“I’m not used to taking online classes, and that is kind of mostly what was offered,” Townsend said.

Townsend says she wasn’t thrilled about the idea of online classes at first, but understands the situation.

“I feel like it’ll help people feel safer. It definitely gives us more options,” Townsend said. “It’ll be a little bit different for me this semester but they’ve done a really great job of making us feel safe.”

Townsend says she is glad the university is taking extra precautions for the classes offered on campus.

“They’re going to make everyone in class wear a mask and they are making the class sizes a lot smaller than they were before,” Townsend said. “I also think they have done a good job with letting us have different options besides just the same thing as before.”

USM will be offering three different methods for class: In person, online and hybrid classes.

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