Stringer alpaca farm offers socially distanced fun

Stringer alpaca farm offers socially distanced fun

STRINGER, Miss. (WDAM) - If you’re feeling stuck at home and are looking for a socially distanced activity, A Stroka Genus Alpacas in Stringer may be able to offer a day of outdoor fun.

Farm owner Mary Ann Stroka says business at the farm has been especially slow this summer.

“We didn’t close, but no one came,” Stroka said. “We did have some school trips that were canceled obviously, we had a lot of tours that were canceled.”

Stroka says with coronavirus measures, the farm didn’t have to change much since they are outdoors and always cleaning.

“Well, because we’re a farm, we’re always washing our hands, and we’re always cleaning everything anyway,” she said. “It’s just that was always the routine, so I’m always washing down door handles. We always had tons of soap, we always had a lot of hand sanitizer. With the tours when people come, they feed the animals. And we’ve got the sink right in the garage, so they wash their hands so everybody coming in here has clean hands so it really works out perfect.”

Visitors can come to experience the animals and see how Stroka uses their hair to make handmade products. She shears the animals, spins the yarn and creates everything from sweaters to socks right there in the store.

Stroka says you get a lot of entertainment on a farm tour.

“We give you a cup of food, you can feed the animals. I tell you about them, where they come from and everything,” she said. “And then we come in the store, and I’ll show the whole process from when we shear them, we spin their hair into yarn and then the finished products that I make.”

Visitors can even make their own exfoliating soap to take home.

“We actually sit in the garage, again outside, and we wet-felt the alpaca hair around a bar of soap and that exfoliates your skin and you can take it home and use it in the shower,” Stroka says.

The alpaca farm is an activity everyone can enjoy this summer, and most importantly right now, enjoy safely.

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