More musings from the Isle of Isolation...

More musings from the Isle of Isolation...
A few more musings from the Isle of Isolation by WDAM's Tim Doherty as he heads into Week 18 of hunkerin' down at home in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. (Source: Josh Auzenne/WAFB-TV)

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - “Ignore the brain, exist with no heart/Been 18 weeks, and we’re back at the start/Who really knows what they’re talking about/Be quite a while before this plays out

“It’s 18/Weeks to the day/18/Just dunno what to say/18/Will we ever get away?”

Like Alice, we’d love to get outta this place, but gonna skip running through outer space and just continue to gambol along the non-existent beach here on the Isle of Isolation...

  • Probably already well-known in the circles that care about such things, but of the eight University of Southern Mississippi seniors who saw their final baseball season cut short, four have decided to take the NCAA’s mulligan and return for another final go-round.

Pitchers Walker Powell, Hunter Stanley, Sean Tweedy and Tyler Spring all have informed USM baseball of their intentions.

That’s a very good lick for USM’s pitching corps.

Powell was dominant in his four starts in 2020, while Stanley’s return provides relief knowing your proven closer is back. Tweedy is a veteran lefty out of the pen.

Spring, a graduate student transfer from Mississippi State University, made five appearances, including a start, with 16 strikeouts in 11 innings for the Golden Eagles

  • Congrats to former Rice University baseball coach Wayne Graham, who will be inducted into his sixth – sixth!!! - hall of fame.

Graham was selected recently as a member of the 2021 class of the American Baseball Coaches Association’s Hall of Fame.

In 27 years at Rice, Graham led the Owls to 21 conference titles, nine College World Series appearances and the 2003 NCAA national crown. Prior to the Owls, Graham’s teams at San Jacinto College won six national championships in 11 years.

He already has a seat in the Conference USA, Texas Baseball, Junior College Baseball, Texas Sports and College Baseball halls.

You know what hall isn’t on the list?


  • While recently compiling schedules for a high school football season that never may take place, we had the following text exchange:

“Coach, this is Tim Doherty over at WDAM-TV and was wondering if you guys had wrapped up your 2020 football schedule.”

“Yes, we have.”

And that was it.


In his defense, we never specifically asked for the schedule …

  • Saw a headline last week that read “Iowa drug kingpin executed”

Iowa had a drug kingpin?

Had no idea

  • Read where a retiring jeweler decided he was going to bury $1 million worth of “treasure” in various spots across Michigan to send people on a “quest” of discovery.

We’re sorry, but this just sounds like such a bad idea.

Not only are you appealing to folks’ greed, but you’re pitting them against one another and asking them to DIG stuff up.

“No, no, not the garden!!!!”

“That power line must have tossed him 15 feet.”

“It was like a swordfight with shovels.  H’aint’s seen nuthin’ quite like it, I suspect”

  • Be kind. Be wary. Be smart. Be safe.

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