Justice protest held in Bay Springs for Dominique Ann Henry

Justice protest held in Bay Springs for Dominique Ann Henry

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - A peaceful protest and march were held in Bay Springs in honor of the late Dominique Ann Henry.

Henry was shot to death on November 20, 2019.

The march started at Smith Park and ended at the Jasper County courthouse.

“We just want everyone to know, this is not about race and it’s not about revenge. This is about justice only for Dominique Henry,” said Henry’s stepfather, W.T Bobbett

During the protest, several people spoke out against the injustice they claim is happening in Jasper County against Henry.

“Change makes a change. So in this city, if you’re not getting the result you want, change makes a change,” said a speaker at the protest.

“When it comes, you can do all that talking, talking about what you won’t do,” said another speaker. “I won’t say that. But let it hit your front door,” said another speaker.

Annie Rutledge, the mother of Dominique, said the road has been hard, but with the help of family and friends, she’s able to make it each day.

“It’s some painful, restless nights, up thinking about situations that you earlier been told and you can’t come to a conclusion, but I appreciate my family, my sisters, my nieces, my cousins. I get in a spot, where I can’t, all I want to do is cry, I call. I can call, they are there for me.” said Rutledge

NAACP members were a part of the protest and are helping bring justice for Dominique Henry.

“The next step is to, first and foremost, call upon God for strength, and then go to the right sources to get help, because, as the gentleman said earlier, ‘You can’t do it alone,' said Roosevelt Ulmer, an NAACP member at the protest. “We need family support. You need community support, and I, being a member of the NAACP, she reached out to us and we had to act.”

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