Perry County School District prepares for upcoming school year

Perry County School District prepares for upcoming school year

NEW AUGUSTA, Miss. (WDAM) - School districts are preparing to return to class, but with COVID-19 cases on the rise, new guidelines are being put in place to ensure the safety of all students.

The Perry County School District is planning to reopen with the traditional model on Aug. 6, but students have the option of distance learning.

“The biggest thing that will help the school year: If the child is sick, keep the child home,” Superintendent Scott Dearman said.

Here’s what parents can expect for their children when class is back in session.

“Temperature checks, face masks in certain areas and face shields, where you can see the children’s face,” Dearman said. “Sanitizers, we’ll be using hand sanitizers quite a bit.”

Temperature checks at school bus stops and before entering the school building are just a few measures the district is taking for the safety of the children.

“We may have a classroom where a teacher has those [health] conditions, where we may require all students to wear a mask in that classroom for the sake of the teacher,” Dearman said.

If a student is COVID-19 positive during school hours, the district is notified and is asked to monitor students for symptoms.

“For the child that has it, there are some protocols about, you know, fever-free for three days and getting a report from a medical doctor say that they are good to go to come back to school that they are COVID 19 free,” Dearman said.

Distance learning is available for parents uncertain about sending their child back to the classroom

Each room will be cleaned daily before students enter.

“Athletic and extracurricular activities will follow MHSAA guidelines and recommendations,” Dearman said. “If your child is participating in distance learning, he or she will not be able to take part in athletic or extracurricular activities.”

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