Wayne County High School football team holds “Penny War” to raise funds

Wayne County High School football team holds “Penny War” to raise funds

WAYNESBORO, Miss. (WDAM) - Members of the Wayne County High School football team are having a bit of friendly competition among themselves.

To raise funds for water, practice gear and other items, the team is waging a “Penny War” against each other.

Each grade level, freshmen through seniors, including the coaching staff, have a large, empty water bottle with their team’s name on it.

Positive points are given for each penny deposited into the bottle, but silver coins such as nickels and dimes, as well as paper money, counts as negative points and will allow teams to sabotage their opponents.

For example, a penny is worth 1 point, while a dime is worth -10 points and a dollar bill is worth -100 points.

Head football coach Kevin Gandy says the students are really enjoying it.

“Our kids are competitive, they are competitive,” Gandy said. “That first day we came in and dropped all kinds of pennies in and we put a lot of silver and dollars in theirs and they were like, ‘Coach, are we behind that many points?’ And I said, ‘Well, yeah.’ So they got after it after that, so it’s been very, very competitive.”

The winners of the competition will be treated to a pizza party while the losers will have to run sprints. If the coaches lose, they will have to wash each of the winner’s vehicles.

The Penny War will run through next Thursday.

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