Laurel schools to reopen with a hybrid learning model

Laurel schools to reopen with a hybrid learning model

LAUREL, Miss. (WDAM) - The Laurel School District Board of Trustees has approved a hybrid learning model for students returning to school this fall. The model calls for students to come into school two days out of the week and do virtual learning from home the remaining three days.

“Half of our students would come on Monday and Tuesday, the additional half would come on Thursday and Friday,” Laurel School District Superintendent Toy Watts said. “Wednesday will be for teacher training, deep-cleaning and some small group interventions for those students who need extra help.”

Laurel School District’s reopening plan includes both in-person and remote learning.

“We’re offering parents a virtual-only option if they just do not feel comfortable bringing their students back,” Watts said. “They can still register with the school district, have access to our curriculum until things change with the nature of COVID.”

Watts says all employees and students will be required to wear a mask and have their temperatures checked. She says the district is working to provide a safe learning environment for students and will promote social distancing where possible.

“On the days that students are learning virtually, we will have lunch pick up for those days,” Watts said.

She says visitation will not be allowed, unless it’s an emergency.

“We want to discourage anyone from visiting the building at this time,” Watts said.

Although the number of students on each bus will be reduced, the district says transportation is a concern.

“We’re asking parents, that can drive their kids from school, they can assist us because then we can control that spread from the transportation aspect,” Watts said.

As for parents who are worried about childcare?

“We have some local partners that will probably come up with options for students on the days that parents have to go to work and they can’t be at school,” Watts said.

School is expected to begin Aug. 10. Watts encourages parents to register their children as soon as possible.

“For those who do opt to bring their students back, we want them to know that we are very committed to making sure that this is a safe environment for their students,” Watts said.

Any questions regarding the school district’s hybrid model, you can email

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