Laurel police release body cam footage from July 4 noise call

Published: Jul. 13, 2020 at 9:41 PM CDT
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LAUREL, Miss. (WDAM) - The Laurel Police Department released body cam footage to WDAM from officers responding to a noise complaint the night of July 4.

This comes after several social media posts have been made regarding officers having their guns drawn that night.

“We tried to handle it just with a ticket to break up the party,” Police Chief Tommy Cox said. “The homeowner didn’t want to get a ticket and was uncooperative and wind up getting arrested, as did two other individuals who had tried to interfere during the call.”

Cox said four minutes and 40 seconds after the officers arrived, things escalated after three gunshots were fired nearby.

“The shots were not fired by police officers. We don’t fire shots up in the air. They did not know, and at this point, we still don’t know who fired the shots,” Cox said.

Cox said the body cam video provides a full picture of what happened that night.

“Were the guns drawn? Yes, they were drawn,” Cox said. “Were there unarmed people in the yard? Yes. But, people forgot to mention, or did not know to mention, that someone, person who is unknown, had just fired three rounds really close to where the officers were. They didn’t know who shot. That’s when the guns came out. This is not my opinion about what happened. This is fact about what happened. We just want a fair shake. We want the whole picture to be put out when people start repeating things and making criticisms, and everybody is entitled of their opinion, but we have body cameras.”

Cox said the charges in this incident were only misdemeanors.

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