Families beat the heat at Hattiesburg Zoo’s Splash Pad

Families beat the heat at Hattiesburg Zoo’s Splash Pad

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - It was a hot Saturday in the Pine Belt area, but that didn’t stop families from having a good time at the Hattiesburg Zoo’s Splash Pad.

A heat advisory was in effect for South Mississippi as temperatures were well into the high 90s with a heat index of about 110.

Families brought their children to the Splash Pad to get them out of the house and find a way to have some fun and cool down, all at the same time.

“We could not sit in our back yard anymore. So we just decided to get out here, and we knew the Splash Pad would be open. So, we have had a great time. " said Austen Silkman, a parent who brought his family to the Splash Pad.

“Well to beat the heat we played in the Splash Pad and it really cooled us off, and they have some air things where they have like in the corners, said Melissa and Alyssa Castillo. “When we were at the front we had to wait, so we just got in front of that.”

After families and their children cooled down in the Splash Pad, many went to ride the train for a nice cool breeze.

“Maximize the coolness and get wet and then ride the train and get a nice breeze going. So we are trying to pull out all of the stops to keep cool,” said Silkman.

The zoo was open from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

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