Combat Championship Sports works to help athletes in and out of ring

Combat Championship Sports works to help athletes in and out of ring

LUMBERTON, Miss. (WDAM) - Championship Combat Sports has extended its services to the town of Lumberton.

“Lumberton needs a program to get these kids off the streets,” said co-founder George Garza. “They need something to do.”

The Purvis-based organization focuses on helping young athletes through life challenges and sets the stage for career opportunities.

People come from all over with varying backgrounds in hopes of gaining the tools and skills needed to thrive in and out of the ring.

“We have to prepare them for after high school, after college and especially after boxing,” Garza said. “There’s one in a million that can make it to that level of greatness. The rest of them are there for discipline, guidance and keeping along the straight path line and making them productive, taking them off the streets and away from that lifestyle that’s going to take them to the left.”

Merik Black is from Kentucky and has been boxing since high school. He started with the program at the beginning of 2020.

Black says his mom is all the inspiration he needs to become a champion.

“I want to give my mom everything she wants and make her have a life that no one else wants to give her,” Black said. “I want her to stop working and buy her a house and want her to travel the world. That’s what I’m going to do.”

The gym in Lumberton officially opened its doors Monday.

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