More musings from the Isle of Isolation

More musings from the Isle of Isolation
WDAM's Tim Doherty shares a few observations, a few notes and the like while viewing life from the Isle of Isolation.

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - “Sixteen weeks/and whadya get?/Streams of bad news/From every media outlet” … “I’m still isolated, mister/And it’s starting to show/Is there an end to this virus/Is all I wanna know. …

With apologies to Mr. Tennessee from the Isle of Isolation

  • A neat idea born in the belly of the pandemic, the University of Southern Mississippi offered fans an opportunity to vote on the “Southern Miss Women’s Basketball All-Decade Team.”

To be considered, one had to have played over the past decade and finished their careers as Lady Eagles.

The five-woman team included Brittany Dinkins (2013-17); Jamierra Faulkner (2010-14); Shonte Hailes (2016-20); Tamara Jones (2013-15); and Pauline Love (2007-10).

Love and Jones were among three players in Lady Eagles’ history to accumulate 1,000 points over their first two seasons.

Faulkner, a three-time All-Conference USA first-team selection, is the only Lady Eagle to win the C-Spire Gillom Award. Her 2,056 career points rank third on USM’s all-time scoring list.

Dinkins, who ranks first in games played and started, was first-team All-C-USA as a senior and also C-USA's Defensive Player of the Year. Her 1,479 points rank 10th in school history.

Hailes, who ranks 15th on the all-time scoring list with 1,264 points, stands seventh in career assists (444), 3-pointers (355) and 3-point percentage (35.8 percent). Hailes was C-USA’s Freshman of the Year and first-team All-C-USA as a junior.

Jones, who was the leading vote-getter, scored 1,057 points in two seasons. She was C-USA’s 2014 Newcomer of the Year and first-team All-C-USA and C-USA’s All-Tournament Team in 2015.

Love, who went on to become a USM assistant coach (2013-17), finished seventh in scoring (1,576 points) in three seasons. She owns single-season (21) and career (60) marks for “double-doubles.”

That’s a pretty stout lineup right there

  • You knew it was bound to happen, because it just seems to every year, but apparently a fella up in New York City decided to avoid the line and just went ahead and burned his house down with fireworks a week before the holiday.

A hazy picture before the blaze shows a guy standing deep in what we’ll generously describe as a driveway for, maybe, two 10-speeds between two domiciles.

While enrapt in the early celebration, the guy and his buddies failed to notice that a “shell” had zipped through an open window into his house.

By the time someone inside the house caught wind, the fire essentially laughed at the garden hose and proceeded to not only burn down that house but damage another.

Happy Fourth of July! We’re staying away from you come New Year’s Eve

  • Didn’t know you could even do so, but in case you were wondering, yes, it is possible to order $39.71 cents worth of food from a drive-thru.

We know now. We were right behind the out-of-state vehicle at a local fast-food establishment, and you’re really not listening, not really, but after two orders of 10-piece chicken nuggets went down and no change in the brake lights, we perked up.

Glad we did. Things we never heard of were being requested.

Vanilla frostees? (Blasphemy, but OK).

The salad with just the walnuts and endive hearts and “real” chicken (Aha, we knew it! Down there under the counter with the good stuff!).

Cookies! (Holy crud! They sell cookies!!!!).

There was also a jumble of burgers and fries and whatnot, and after hearing the final tab, we thought, “Now we’re gonna have to wait even longer cuz everybody’s gonna come out and defy distancing and hug them for helping them soar past the Sunday quota.”

Didn’t happen, and actually, the filling of the mammoth order didn’t take all that long.

Talk about your dining experience

  • Saw a recent headline about an osprey that had been caught on camera in mid-flight after snagging a Spanish mackerel from the waters off Myrtle Beach, S.C.

We’re sorry, but that just don’t seem right.

In fact, we’d be downright steamed to have swum all the way over from Spain to chill, maybe play a few rounds of golf, only to be the guest of honor as the main course at someone else’s dinner

  • Kanye West for president?

Guessing Taylor Swift is not being tapped as running mate

  • From the “Won’t-Do-That-Again” file: A 71-year-old woman was airlifted to a hospital from Yellowstone National Park after she injured after trying to pet a male bison.

Despite a plethora of warning signs saying do not approach the animals, the woman did just that, getting too close to a bison that had been grazing near her camper.

Witnesses said the first contact sent her flying between 10 feet and 15 feet, and that when she got back up, the bull knocked her down again.

The good news: the woman was not severely injured and has been released from the hospital.

The bad news: Apparently, even when reminded, some folks just don’t seem to get it.

Look, even the crazies who do the deal in Pamplona, Spain, at least they’re running away from and/or with the bulls, trying to stay out of the critters’ way.

  • Be kind. Be wary. Be smart. Be safe.

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