FBC Runnelstown hosts 4th of July fireworks show

4th of July fireworks show at First Baptist Church Runnelstown

PERRY COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - First Baptist Church Runnelstown postponed its Independence Day celebration but continued tonight with its fireworks event for the community.

The fireworks show started at 8:45 p.m. and lasted about 30 minutes.

“This is something that’s a yearly tradition here at First Baptist. We don’t do it necessarily for us as much we do for the community. It’s an exciting thing,” said FBC Runnelstown pastor Matthew White. “I’ve been around and speaking to a lot of the people here. There’s just literally hundreds and hundreds of people that come from all over to see this each year. It just grows every year.”

The church hopes to have the 4th of July Celebration on July 25th.

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