Tips for keeping pets safe and calm during fireworks

Tips for keeping pets safe and calm during fireworks

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - With Independence Day Friday, fireworks are certain to fly high in the sky.

But during the next couple of days, we want to remember our furry friends. Loud noises and bright lights from fireworks could give them a scare and make them afraid or run away.

Rayanne Spence with Animal Medical Center explains a few tips you can do now to prepare your pets.

“I would just recommend whether it’s a dog or a cat, kind of putting them in a room maybe in the center of the house where they cant like see the flashing lights or the fireworks,” Spence said. “Close the blinds, maybe turn on the lights because even if they close the blinds they may can kind of see it through the blinds, some of them are affected by not only the sound but the sight as well. You can turn the TV up or some music up loud to kind of drown it out, give them a chew toy of some sort.”

If your pets stay outside, make sure they are in a safe and secure area and unable to escape.

The American Veterinary Medical Association advises that you always keep an identification tag on your dog or cat with up-to-date information in case they do escape. Always keep sparklers, glow sticks and fireworks away from your pets.

Rayanne recommends if your cat or dog becomes startled due to fireworks, comfort them during that time to calm them down.

After the fireworks show, the AVMA recommends that you check your yard for firework debris before allowing your pet outside. Even if you did not shoot fireworks, debris can find its way into your yard.

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