COVID-19 just another hurdle for Wayne County’s first-year head coach

COVID-19 just another hurdle for Wayne County's first-year head coach

WAYNESBORO, Miss. (WDAM) - It has not been the ideal preseason for any high school football coach. There’s been even more hoops to jump through for first-year head coach Kevin Gandy.

Luckily, Gandy has gained some familiarity with his players after 14 years in Waynesboro. The challenge this summer has been getting the War Eagles up to speed on his new system while also keeping close to 90 student-athletes socially distanced.

Wayne County returned to the weight room in June after 12 weeks off.

“Man, it’s a dream come true,” Gandy said. “Never thought I’d be the head coach here but the good Lord said different. He put me here for a reason so I’m excited, the kids are excited. We’ve had great practices so far and the kids are enthusiastic. It’s an adjustment. It’s hard trying to implement your game plan and schemes and everything without having all of them together. So it’s tough, but we’re making adjustments and the kids they understand. That’s the biggest thing, they understand what’s going on.”

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