Jones County sheriff addresses video circulating on social media

Jones County sheriff addresses video circulating on social media

JONES COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - Jones County Sheriff Joe Berlin is addressing video that surfaced on social media, showing an incident between Captain Vince Williams and a resident.

“People are making it out to be a bad officer. He is not a bad officer, I’ve worked with him for 20 years, I know how he is,” Berlin said. “I do have a lot to say about that video. You know, you only see one part of this video.”

WDAM couldn’t locate the original source of the video to authenticate it, but did obtain security camera footage of the incident from the sheriff’s department.

“You don’t understand that this guy was charged with shooting into a house, this guy called up here to the sheriff’s department and talked to me like a dog one day, I hung the phone up,” Berlin said. “This guy called up here to an investigator and cussed the investigator out, and the investigator hung the phone up on him again. Then this guy comes up here wanting something he knows he can’t have.”

Berlin says the man, identified as Jonathan Knight, walked in Friday asking for a witness statement.

“We don’t release what you say against me, or what I say against you, that is a sworn statement,” Berlin said. “We don’t release that to a victim, or we don’t release that to a suspect. It has to go through the proper channels. Asking for that, over, over and over, after being told he had to have a lawyer, at some point, you’re creating a problem.”

He says Williams asked Knight several times who his lawyer was, but Knight never gave a name.

“He mumbles something under his breath and Vince automatically tells him, ‘You’re not going to disrespect me in my house,’” Berlin said. “We come here to work, we eat here, we’re here late hours, you know, we call this our house.”

That’s when Berlin says Williams asked Knight to leave.

“He didn’t want to get up and leave, so when Vince went to get him out of the chair, he snatched away from Vince, and that’s when Vince grabbed him,” Berlin said. “When he jerks him up out of his chair, the guy jumps into the door.”

Knight was charged with disturbance of a business and disorderly conduct.

“What you don’t see on this video is when he’s outside and they’re placing handcuffs on him, he’s snatching away from the officers and swinging and everything else and it takes two or three officers to be able to get his hands behind his back, so he was charged with resisting arrest also,” Berlin said. “Today, we’re scrutinized so bad, that sometimes it feels like a double-edged sword. You do something, it’s wrong, but if you don’t do something, it’s wrong too. But we have a job to do, to enforce the law, and that’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to keep on enforcing the law.”

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