President and CEO of Mississippi Power speaks on state flag vote

President and CEO of Mississippi Power speaks on state flag vote
Mississippi Power (PRNewsFoto/Mississippi Power)

JACKSON, Miss. (WDAM) - Mississippi Power President and CEO Anthony Wilson made a statement on the historic vote for the changing of the Mississippi state flag.

“Something I have looked forward to, really, my entire life,” said Wilson. “I grew up here in Mississippi, and this new flag, I feel like it’s a new beginning for our state.”

Wilson spoke about how the new flag will bring the state together and not cause any divisions within the citizens of the state.

“The new flag that’s going to be designed by the appointed commission is going to be something, I think, will be representative for all of us, to be Mississippians together,” said Wilson. “It will not be divisive. It will not be anything that will separate us in any way.”

At the end of his statement, Wilson talks about how the new flag can possibly help the state’s economy to grow and prosper, as well as gain more respect from other states and the world.

“It’s also, I think, a new day for the economy of the state of Mississippi. It’s going to allow us all to be a part of a new, growing, prosperous economy throughout the state. I think the world, most certainly the U.S., is going to view Mississippi after today’s vote.”

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