Business leaders across the state say new flag could bring new business

Business leaders across the state say new flag could bring new business

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - State flags wave high all across Mississippi, but some business owners say it’s time for them to come down.

“It’s like a very simple equation. It’s not the moral high ground, it’s really about doing what’s right for Mississippi for its people and for its economy,” said Allison Anderson with Unabridged Architecture.

Anderson and other business leaders of the Mississippi Economic Council believe a change is needed for the economy.

“We have seen the dampening effects of the current flag on our local economy and infrastructure,” she said.

Reed’s Department Store chairman Jack Reed Jr. in Tupelo believes a new flag could bring new opportunities to Mississippi.

“You see all these business leaders from across the state recognizing that this gives us a black eye and a lot of opportunities for business and relocation,” he said. “Location of businesses and jobs, good jobs, coming into the state that’s certainly a part of it as well.”

He continued, saying, “A lot of our companies that are national companies with headquarters here. We certainly want them to be proud of being headquartered still in Mississippi.”

Both business owners said their position on a change is not new and hope the Magnolia State will fly a new symbol sometime soon.

“A symbol of our communities, our cities, our state that we are proud of - that we are proud to fly over our courthouses and businesses and all the way up to the United States Capitol,” said Anderson.

“Our people are our greatest asset. Well, that flag doesn’t represent all of our people and it needs to... We just need to be at our best and I think to be at our best, we just need a new flag,” said Reed.

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