Art studio hosts summer camps with COVID-19 precautions

Art studio hosts summer camps with COVID-19 precautions

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - For the last 15 years, Bristles Art Studio has been hosting fun and creative summer art camps for kids in the area.

Because of COVID, the studio had to get creative when it came to having the camps this year.

“We’re definitely disinfecting and doing things that we know to do between sessions,” said studio owner Lissa Ortego.

Ortego says at first she wasn’t sure if this year’s summer camps would happen.

“We were closed down for two months,” Ortego said. “Normally we do after-school art lessons, but we had to completely stop that. We couldn’t host anything in this facility.”

She says she’s happy to still be able to host the summer sessions, even if there are several changes.

“We emailed the mayor’s office a few times and they gave us some guidelines,” Ortego said.

At first, only eight kids were able to come to a session at a time, but since reopening the first of June, Ortego says the studio is now able to have two kids per table, as long as there is some type of divider.

“We had to do some things to try and up our numbers,” Ortego said. “So, for two weeks, we just had eight children per class. One child at each table. Moving into mid-June, we installed little partitions at each table to be able to have children sit beside each other.”

There are normally 16 to 18 kids to an art session. Now, only 12 are allowed in a class at a time. There are also hand sanitizers for each child on the table.

“Art is a way for them to kind of relax just like adults do,” Ortego said. “You want to have activities where it’s okay to be able to have fun and relax. Children need that, if not more than adults.”

Due to limited spots, all sessions for summer have been filled.

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