Car dealerships take precautions against COVID-19

Car dealerships take precautions against COVID-19

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - Car dealerships are working to keep things clean and sanitized while customers shop for cars.

Toyota of Hattiesburg has several hand sanitizing stations set up through the dealership.

Employees and customers are encouraged to practice social distancing, but it is allowing test drives and is still servicing vehicles that need repair.

“We do have a drop off station if they’d like to do a night drop,” said Toyota of Hattiesburg General Manager Alton Pierce. “Our waiting area is spaced out so they have plenty of room. We do offer masks if they’d like them and we also have a welcome center for when they come in we ask them to please use the sanitizer.”

Pierce says the dealership suffered a minor setback when COVID-19 first started, but is now back in full swing.

“It did slow down,” Pierce said. “A lot of folks were uneasy about it for a while there. We didn’t have very much service or business. People didn’t come in much. We still kept people here working and gave them a job.”

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