Easter tornado recovery efforts continue in Jones County

Easter tornado recovery efforts continue in Jones County

PINE BELT, Miss. (WDAM) - More than two months after a deadly EF-4 tornado ripped through Jones County, people are still cleaning up the mess.

Debris still lines some roads in Jones County, but the clean up process is well underway.

“Most everybody has been real patient and agreeable on what’s going on and we’re making progress, still have a lot more to pick up,” said Beat 2 Supervisor Larry Dykes.

Crews have begun to pick up the debris sitting on the side of the road.

“We just need it moved,” Dykes said. “It’s looking a lot better. We’ve got not a long way to go, but working together we can get this cleaned up.”

Currently, the first round is being made and the contractors will come through two more times.

Dykes said some folks will need to continue to push trash onto the side of the road since crews can’t grab it from private property.

“Make sure that you know somebody and you’ve got a piece of equipment, go help them move it to the road,” Dykes said.

He says he’s been driving around in the aftermath of the twister since it happened.

“There’s 30 miles of this damage in my beat and it’s total devastation, and we’re trying to help the people all that,” Dykes said.

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