smART Space Virtual Summer Camp lets kids enjoy arts from home

smART Space Virtual Summer Camp lets kids enjoy arts from home

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - The Hattiesburg Community Arts Center is hosting its smART Space Virtual Camp, where children from the community can watch Facebook live to participate in art and various fun activities.

Children have the opportunity to stretch, dance, sing and work on an art project all from the comfort of their home.

“Each day, Abigail kind of starts them off by getting them to do vocal warm ups or do stretches or just sing silly songs and kind of get them comfortable in the space,” said Emily Gallaspy, director of the Hattiesburg Community Arts Center. “Olivia comes in and does these amazing music lessons, and then we always end it with a craft that isn’t anything complicated. It’s kind of something that we all do together and then look how everyone creates something different and they might play with the concept later.”

This week marks the third week for virtual campers. Gallaspy explained one of the many concepts children had the opportunity to do at home.

“The first one we started off was just camp, camp,” Gallaspy said. “So we did camping theme and set up tents, and we just try to do crafts that you would do that when you were at camp by doing things with pootie beads and things that are not particularly difficult for kids. Or it doesn’t really matter what skill level you are at, just something that’s enjoyable and has a creative component to it. So kids have an outlet during these strange times right now.”

Virtual summer camps started on June 8 and are held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

So far, 115 children are participating in the summer camp.

Next week’s camp is Safari Party and will be the last week for camp. If you would like for your child to participate in the smART Space Virtual Summer Camp, you can contact the director Emily Gallaspy at 601-620-6422 or

The smART Space Summer Virtual Camp is funded by the City of Hattiesburg and the Hattiesburg Arts Council.

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