Lamar County starts Purvis to Columbia Road work project

Lamar County starts Purvis to Columbia Road work project

PURVIS, Miss. (WDAM) - Lamar County is working on a road project that will start at the Main Street and Purvis to Columbia Road intersection and stretch four miles to Boggy Hollow Bridge.

“We’ve replaced some culverts in a low area and raised the road bed, repaired that,” said County Administrator Jody Waits. “We’re getting ready to lay that entire section.”

Waits says the road will also be repaved. It will remain open with one-lane traffic.

“Motorists should be aware. The road will be open at all times,” Waits said. “There will be flaggers and it will be down to one lane often along that route. It may take several days or a week or so to get it repaved because it is four miles.”

During this construction process, drivers are encouraged to be cautious when driving through the road work areas.

“The road is winding and it goes up and down,” Waits said. “We ask you to please be cautious over the next several weeks as you drive Purvis Columbia Road out to Boggy Hollow Road.”

Waits says the need for this project is due to several potholes and heavy traffic.

“Just outside of Purvis, in that part of our county, is growing much like other parts of the county,” Waits said. “With that comes increased traffic and an increased demand on the road. We’re glad to be able to take care of that.”

The county partnered with the City of Purvis for this project.

The total estimated cost is around $350,000. The county is hoping to have the project done in the next few weeks.

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